We live our VALUES everywhere, all of the time. We live them. We breathe them.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity and ethical behavior.
We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise.
We promise only what we can reasonably expect to deliver.
We establish relationship of trust, honesty and sincerity with people we deal with.

The full value of each individual's contribution can be realized only when we treat one another with the respect, trust and dignity we ourselves expect.
We respect and value people with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds.
We create the appropriate balance in our work and family lives.
We always put safety in our work environment on higher priority over business performance.

Commitment to Service, Quality and Excellence
Commitment to Innovation and Improvement
Commitment to Values and Responsibility
Commitment to Privacy

We are a team, sharing our unique talents to help those with whom we work, live and serve.
We know that by working together, we can produce better results than any of us can achieve alone.
We view suppliers as extensions of our company and an essential part of our extended value chain.
We help each other succeed.